In the mid-70s, Barangay Nutrition Scholars were able to identify malnourished children through the Operation Timbang. These children needed acute intervention in terms of food and long-term interventions through nutrition education. Unfortunately, these commodities were not widely available. This is why, the Nutrition Center of the Philippines (NCP), being a non-profit organisation committed to promoting nutrition security, established its first social enterprise, PNFC, in 1977. 

Philippine Nutri-Foods Corporation (PNFC) was tasked to develop and manufacture much-needed food supplements for the country's feeding programs. From the start, we have been partners of government agencies and non-government organisations who have nutrition at heart.

PNFC started with the Nutri-Pak which was both an intervention and an educational tool. This product used locally available agricultural products in the appropriate amounts serving as visual cues to educate mothers on proper food choices. 

From Nutri-Pak, we expanded to more product formats to satisfy the need for variety. We listened to our partners to find out what they need. We now have a wide range of products enough to have a feeding menu that will keep children engaged for longer periods of time. 

Today, we have products for school children, pre-school children, and now, specially formulated products for infants. Our plant is ISO 22000:2005 certified to ensure that we are able to give you the best quality products for the children you want to serve. We have served thousands of children for 36 years.